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A Project That Lights Us Up

You might know us as your go-to, one-stop shop for all things Himalayan Salt – from lamps to gourmet to health and beauty – but did you know that we have a tremendous soft spot for amazing causes? Whether it’s providing free salt for healthier alternatives in school meals, or shining a little light on an organization working to build a better future for a marginalized population through education and community development, we’re always on the lookout for initiatives that speak to our heart and help to make the world a better place. 

Last winter, a vacation to East Africa with The Safari Collection revealed one such initiative. 

The Safari Collection

As a specialist tour operator, champion for conservation, community advocate and sustainability proponent, The Safari Collection expertly accommodates international tourists on vacation while at the same time giving back to their local populace. Supporting programs spanning education, health, outreach, wildlife, and more, The Safari Collection extends an impressive reach of positive impact. Through their contribution to programs like The Mara Cheetah Project, S.A.F.E. Samburu, Save a Bucket, School Food Program, The Youth Building Green Program, and Community Health Africa Trust, The Safari Collection and partners have achieved many notable accomplishments. As their work and collaborations continue and more programs and initiatives are added, there are many ways to get involved. 

While it was difficult to narrow down just one project to support in alliance with The Safari Collection, a little trip to Olochura Primary School in Kenya got us gearing up with intention. 

Ololchura Primary School

The Safari Collection is especially adept at identifying particular needs within their broad scope of partnerships. In the case of Olochura Primary School, an environment with dedicated staff and eager students, the greatest need is not access to education itself. The biggest barriers creating the most necessity at Ololchura are clean drinking water and a safe, comfortable place to sleep. We at Evolution Salt Co. feel very passionately about contributing to the wellbeing and livelihood of children, and so these necessities presented us with two very achievable goals! 

Clean Drinking Water

At present, water at Ololchura comes from a nearby borehole, but the water is saline and the children do not drink it. In order to provide them with clean drinking water on demand, a reverse osmosis system can be installed. The projected system will accommodate the large population at Ololchura (over 250 students and staff), supplying up to 10,000L of drinking water per day! 

Sleeping Accommodations

Ololchura Primary School sits on the edge of the Maasai Mara, serving children from the surrounding areas. While primary school is free in Kenya, access to education can be inhibited by the distance it takes for children to get to school. Many educational compounds, like Ololchura, have dormitories for those who live in the far-lying areas. At Ololchura, approximately 60 children board at the school, and their dormitory could use a little refreshing. New beds, mattresses and blankets will go a long way toward ensuring the children sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed each day. 

Our Glowing Commitment

We share the same values as The Safari Collection, and we’re grateful to them for shedding light on two very promising projects. We are honored to be partnering with such a knowledgeable, trusted and accomplished team who is on the ground and in communication with the community they serve. 

We are committed to the students at Ololchura, and to providing them with clean drinking water and comfortable accommodations, attributing to a thriving environment in which to learn. To do so, we will be donating $5 of every Himalayan Salt Lamp* purchased on our website to these two goals – installation of the reverse osmosis water system and new furnishings and bedding for the dormitory at Ololchura Primary School. 

The most brilliant of smiles, the eagerest of minds, the purest of spirits – those are the students at Olochura. They have captivated our hearts and have earned our glowing commitment toward a brighter future. Join us in supporting this cause and these children. Shop our Himalayan Salt Lamps today. 

*Retail Evolution Himalayan Salt Lamp purchases on only. Excludes wholesale orders and lamps purchased on other sites selling Evolution Salt Lamps. 

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