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Hope Shines Brightly

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All photos of women and children courtesy of Shining Light International

What shines brightly, delivers hope, provides resources to create access to education, and smells divine? Why, our Aromatherapy Himalayan Salt Lamp of course!

You may remember a couple weeks ago, in our  8 (+1) Gifts that Give Back post, we mentioned that 50% of all proceeds of our Aromatherapy Salt Lamp sales through our website will be donated to Shining Light International, a non-profit dedicated to bringing hope for a brighter future to the people of Northern Pakistan through education. Today, we want to share more about Shining Light, and why we’ve chosen to support their mission.

Shining Light International

As their name suggests, Shining Light aims to spread the light of hope to those who need it the most. In Northern Pakistan, illiteracy, poverty and intolerance create a cycle of generational isolation and oppression. Shining Light believes that education, training, community development and encouragement empower the population and provide opportunities that change lives. In other words, their work is the shining light of hope for a better future that people depend on to break the cycle of injustice.

What began as a dream by a young Pakistani – to provide access to education for marginalized children in a small town in Pakistan – grew to an after-school program with 60 participants learning in a creative and safe environment. In 2005, the after-school program became an established, full-fledged elementary school, the Shining Light Academy. Over the years, as more students enrolled, more grade levels were added. Today, the Shining Light Academy provides education for more than 1,000 students, from preschool to 10th grade.

In addition to providing access to education for youth, Shining Light International built a Women’s Vocational Training Center so that women from the area could learn practical skills such as sewing, knitting and embroidery. Through this vocational training, women are equipped with the necessary skills and guidance to begin a new career and support their family financially. Since inception in 2007, this program has trained more than 560 women, positively impacting their lives with life-changing skills.

Without Shining Light International, these women and children in Northern Pakistan would be without hope for a brighter future. Through Shining Light’s programs, involvement, development and partnership, they are empowering and equipping entire communities to rise above poverty, creating lasting change for some of the most remote and highest-need populations.

It’s clear why we wanted to partner with Shining Light International. They are doing incredible work in an area close to our heart – Pakistan – the home of our Himalayan Salt.

Aromatherapy Salt Lamp

Photo credit: @plantfoodmagic

Our Aromatherapy Salt Lamp combines the allure of a pink salt lamp with the benefit of essential oil diffusion. A small, metal reservoir at the top of the lamp provides the space for you to mix the essential oils of your choice. When lit, the heat from the lamp’s bulb warms the oils, diffusing them in your space.

With each purchase of an Aromatherapy Salt Lamp from our website, we will donate to Shining Light International, so that every time you use your lamp, you will be reminded that you’re shining light into the lives and hearts of women and children in Northern Pakistan. Your purchase will have long-lasting, life-changing effects for years to come.

Will you shine your light?




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