New White & Grey Himalayan Salt Lamps

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White & Grey Salt Lamps

All my neutral color fans, listen up! If you’ve always wanted a Himalayan salt lamp in your life, but your muted color palette didn’t jive with a pretty pop of pink, then we have the solution for you. Introducing pure, natural – white and grey – Himalayan salt lamps. (Did we just hear a shriek of excitement?)

Shriek away, friends, because this is truly something to get excited about. White and grey Himalayan salt lamps are the rarer, but equally spectacular, cousin of pink salt lamps. They offer the exact same health benefits that you already enjoy from your pink salt lamp (or that you’ve heard about and have desperately been wanting to experience), but they do so with their own unique style.

Grey Himalayan Salt Lamps

grey salt lamp table top

The grey Himalayan salt lamp emits a dark and muted glow. Think ‘night lamp’ effect. While the bulb still heats the salt, activating the therapeutic effects, the dim glow is perfect for even the most sensitive of sleepers. And while we know plenty of women who are self-proclaimed neutral lovers and the thought of having a huge grey chunk of raw Himalayan crystal salt beside their bed is a dream come true, we also think this grey lamp would be a favorite for that special man in your life.

White Himalayan Salt Lamps

White Salt Lamp Plant

Our white Himalayan salt lamps emit a bright, clean glow and add a nice contemporary feel to your space. The natural shapes of the white Himalayan salt lamps remind us of a glowing chunk of raw quartz. However, if you have a different favorite color, or want to change your salt lamp color seasonally/monthly/weekly, our white Himalayan salt lamp is your new best friend. Simply set up your lamp with a colored light bulb for an entirely different effect!

Regardless of how you style your white Himalayan Salt Lamp, it’s the functional  standalone statement piece you’ve been waiting for ((emphasis on fun)).

Himalayan Salt Lamp Family

It’s true, these lamps can stand alone in your space – effortlessly adding to your natural aesthetic. But seeing as the white, grey and pink Himalayan salt lamps all originate from the same salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan, they naturally look great together. Just sayin’, you don’t have to stick to one color – let the colors speak to you. (Is this a good time to admit that we’re not exactly sure if white is a color, the absence of color, or a shade? Apparently it’s one of the “most debated issues about color” and we’re not experts in that field.)

Our expertise is Himalayan salt, and you can be sure that whether you want to get a couple of these new ‘colors,’ or you’re a tried and true pink salt lamp devotee, all of our Evolution Himalayan salt lamps are 100% pure.

So whether you want to add to your already lovely family of pink salt lamps, or you’re new to the world of salt lamps and want to make a white or grey (or white AND grey!) lamp addition to your natural home decor, then check out our current stock.

white pink grey salt lamp

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