8 Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays

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8 eco-friendly gifts for the holidaysIn honor of gift giving season, we’ve compiled some of our favorite eco-friendly items. If you enjoy shopping with purpose, these presents not only fulfill a function, but also contribute to sustainability in some way.

Eco-Friendly Gift Giving

Our idea of eco-friendly takes into consideration things like:

  • whether the product is organic, natural or fair trade
  • the amount of processing involved to produce the product
  • how reusable the product is

The products on this list not only meet these metrics, but many exceed them. Gathered below are companies who are giving back, and finding improved methods of production. They employ fair practices, and produce affordable products. You can purchase any product on this list and know that you are contributing to a company that goes the extra mile, and cares deeply for our planet. It’s like giving a double gift, really – one to your recipient and one to the Earth. Head to the links straight from this page to get your gifting on, or save our images to your Pinterest board for future green buying.

Fair Trade Presents for the Slow Riser

Pact Apparel

Does everyone try to wake up a little later and enjoy lazy mornings over the holidays, or is it just us? We think it’s perfectly acceptable to stay in comfy, cozy PJs until well past the morning hours. Especially if those pajamas are fair trade and organic!

Pact, an apparel company out of Boulder, Colorado, invests in fair trade for all of their workers, and on top of that, sources only 100% organic cotton. And you guessed it, they make jammies. We highly encourage you to give the gift of chill that Pact’s thermal sleepwear is sure to bestow, to any slow riser on your list. Bonus: because organic cotton uses less water, Pact tells you how many gallons of water are saved in the production of their products. (Their set of thermal jammies saves more than 112 gallons!)EcoGifts_PactSleepwear

Counter Culture Coffee

Picture this: a thin layer of snow blankets the ground outside. The sun is rising, sending a little twinkle through your bedroom window. You’re all snug in bed, covered in all the blankets, and someone brings you a steaming cup of coffee. Now, if you think that sounds as dreamy as we do, then you’ll probably know someone on your list who would like this scenario too. Enter Counter Culture coffee.

You won’t find the words “fair trade” on their website, because they believe in going a step further. Not only do they pay fair prices to the farmers, which is the normal metric of fair trade, but Counter Culture also believes their coffee should be a model of environmental, social and fiscal sustainability. How does all of that fit into one cup of coffee?!

Simply, and very deliciously.


Sustainable Presents for the Foodie

Evolution Salt


No list of eco-friendly gifts is complete without one of our Evolution Himalayan Salt products! We’re highlighting the slat slab as our gift pick for that special foodie in your life because the only thing better than cooking with salt, is cooking on salt.

The conditions within the Himalayan Mountains, where pink Himalayan salt originates, contribute to continual growth of the salt, thereby making it a sustainable resource. Additionally, proper care for a salt slab can ensure years of use.

Whether the foodie on your list is a grill master or gourmet chef, wants to cook a hot meal, serve a cold dish or just make a fancy looking plate, the Himalayan salt slab is sure to impress and deliver gastronomical delights. (PS. If you want to double your contribution and check even more names of your gift list, check out our Gift Guide to Giving Back, featuring our Aromatherapy Himalayan Salt Lamp!)


Bee’s Wrap

Plastic wrap in the kitchen is a thing of the past. At least, that’s the message that Bee’s Wrap is spreading, and we’re on board. Bee-utifully printed, reusable wraps are made with organic cotton, beeswax from sustainably-managed hives, and organic jojoba oil.

This gift is best left unwrapped, as it speaks for itself in plastic-free, recyclable packaging. Sold in all different sizes for any food preserving or transporting need, Bee’s Wrap sustainable food storage will bee a thoughtful gift for any foodie on your list. (The wraps are biodegradable and compostable too!)



Eco Gifts for the Exercise Enthusiast

Jade Yoga Mat

When a company’s mission statement reads: “committed to making the world’s best performing, most environmentally friendly yoga products and giving back to the earth with every product sold,” you know you’re in the right place to buy an eco gift for an exercise enthusiast.

Jade Yoga mats are made from renewable natural rubber, tapped from rubber trees, and are free from PVC, EVA and synthetic rubber. Not only that, Jade plants a tree for every yoga mat sold! If your tree-pose loving yoga buddy needs a yoga mat this holiday, then look no further.


Klean Kanteen

Is it us, or is 2018 going to go down in memory as the year of the plastic straw revelation? As more and more people are starting to understand the environmental implications of using plastic straws, companies like Kleen Kanteen are swooping in with a reusable, sustainable replacement.

Klean Kanteen has, since inception, designed durable products that replace single-use waste items and last a lifetime. Every exercise enthusiast needs a water bottle (and maybe a stainless steel straw too?) Let them know you care about their hydration and the environment with your Klean Kanteen purchase. (Bonus: Klean Kanteen is a member of 1% for the planet and has since donated over $2 million dollars directly to environmental organizations dedicated to preserving and restoring wild places!)


Recycled Gifts for the Stylish

Proof Eyewear

There is bound to be a stylish person on your gift list, right?! We’re here to tell you that being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to forego sustainability. Look to Proof for an environmentally conscious gift for your style-savvy loved one.

Proof has a couple of different lines to choose from, but all of their products are made with the eco-friendliness in mind. Choose from their Eco Collection, made from a cotton-based acetate and the finest woods available, their Aluminum Collection, produced from recycled metal, or their sustainably sourced Wood Collection. No matter which shades you choose, you’ll be guaranteed of at least two things: your fashionable friend will love the style, and the environment will thank you.


Lux Woods Watch

If there’s ever a time to remind someone to remember their roots, then a gift of a Lux Woods watch is the way to do it. Made from sustainably harvested wood as well as recycled scrap pieces of wood, each Lux Woods watch is an exquisite and remarkable timepiece.

In this tech-loving world, there’s a good chance that your trendy pal may already own a watch. With that in mind, Lux Woods designed an Apple-friendly wood watch band. They’re incredibly unique and dare we say fashion forward? (We think it’s always ‘fashion forward’ when your gift takes the environment into consideration!)


So there you have it, friends! We hope our list revealed something for everyone on your list that’s not only thoughtful, but checks off the eco-friendly box as well! For more gift giving ideas, check out our list of Gifts that Give Back.

Happy Salty Holidays to you and yours!

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